Thermopile Arrays and Imaging

In General

Heimann offers the worldwide first fully monolithic thermopile arrays in TO-8 or TO-39 housing.
  • 16x4 elements
  • 8x8 elements
  • 16x16 elements
  • 32x31 elements
  • 64x62 elements (in development)

Promotion - Starter Set 32x31 Thermopile Array for 518/US$570

(excl. VAT)

Application Set This Application Set includes an IR-Camera with integrated valueable Germanium-Optics and an Ethernet interface. A windows-based visualisation program gives all possibilities to observe the temperature data stream for up to four cameras.

  • IR-Camera (32x31)
  • Power Supply
  • Tripot
  • Cables
  • Software package

Thermal Imaging Example

This video, taken with our array-sensor (32x31), shows a person drying his hair and fidgeting with the dryer. White represents the highest temperature in the scene. Details are lost due to compression.